To My DAD On His 71st Birthday

It is often said that a man will emulate the actions and demeanor of his hero, and it is believed that man’s greatest hero is one who is omnipotent, steadfast, and sure; imaginable, but not always tangible. How lucky am I (and my brother and sisters) to know a tangible man who saved children from a burning building, stared adversity in the face, walked on water so we wouldn’t drown, listened when we babbled, incoherently, protected a community that barely knew his name, passionately raised passionate sons and daughters, and,  to this day, laughs  as he tells his-story (sometimes harrowing) to his grandchildren. How fortunate are we, that we walk in his footsteps and leave imprints for our children to continue this blessed trek, knowing that he, this man, this King, is willing to give his shoes to save our soles (SOULS). Today I want to wish my (our) HERO, my father, my champion, my friend… my DAD a happy and glorious birthday. We are all so blessed and know how to love because you love us so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING. I love you.

December 7, 2015pop

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