Just Joe

I am not a blogger, well, not until now. I never understood the concept, but signing on, producing a site, and getting responses from others seemed pretty frighteningly fulfilling, in a hopeful sort of way. Perhaps, I thought after I decided to venture into this uncharted ocean, I could write something that could change, direct, assist, or simply, bring joy to someone else, or maybe I can just let thoughts flow, meaningless though they may be. I think a blog’s purpose is all of the above. Still…

I am a bibliophile, educator, parent, traveler,  poet, emerging writer and lover of all things beautiful. I grew up in New York, became a man in Atlanta, and learned the art of love and life in Paris. I discovered magic and magnificence in the written word. I found my voice on stages behind Bards who had existed only in the books I read and the films that illuminated my darkness. But, most importantly, I discovered Renaissance.

I hope this blog gives something to the reader. I welcome thoughts, ideas, theories, and feedback. I hope I can provide air.

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